Artemis (ladyofthelake75) wrote,

Bush rant and rant and rant

Hello, America, we are fucked.

Abortion rights will probably go out the window because Bush will very likely (especially with William Rehnquist having cancer), appoint at least one new Supreme Court Justice who will more than likely be anti-abortion. Banning abortion does not mean women will stop having abortions. It means they will stop having them legally. They will go to Canada or Mexico, or they will have abortions done in back alleys with dirty instruments and get infections and die. Way to kill more innocent people, Mr. Bush.

Deficit. It's already the worst EVER. And it's not going to improve under Bush. Fuck tax cuts. We don't need more tax cuts. Wait, I mean the RICH don't need more tax cuts. I'm not saying we need more taxes, but cutting taxes is not going to make the economy any better.

Draft. We're fucked in Iraq. The Bush administration didn't plan for any kind of exit strategy. We have no way out. And we're running out of troops to send there. So why not reinstate the draft? Only this time it will include women, though likely not to be assigned to combat roles. I'm not saying he'll reinstate it, I'm just saying it's a possibility.

War. Who's to say he's not gonna start another one? Korea is a major threat with a very scary dictator. Iran may be creating nuclear weapons under the premise of nuclear energy. But wait, these are the countries that are actual threats to us. He doesn't start wars when there's a real threat. No, Iraq IS NOT related to the war on terror. Never was any proof, never will be. A majority of the suicide bombers and kidnappers in Iraq are from other countries. Those people ARE al-Qaida, taking advantage of chaos. Bush introduced that brand of terrorism to Iraq by not having any kind of idea what to do once Saddam was out of power. Maybe Bush will pick on Canada next. Who the fuck knows?

I don't know how in the hell he got re-elected anyway. Ohioans lost jobs because of Bush. I don't get it. Are Americans stupid? Look, I voted for Kerry in Texas, even though I knew there was no way he'd win the state. But 36 percent of the vote isn't bad for Bush's home state. And the fucking people who voted for Nader - morons. You do realize you took votes away from Kerry and got Bush re-elected. Way to go. That environment you care so much about - say goodbye to it.

And Osama bin Laden - thanks so much for basically endorsing Kerry. Now we gotta live with Bush for for more years. Isn't it enough that most countries in the world hate America? Bush is making it worse. He's a power-hungry madman. And if he continues to make the U.S. a rogue nation, he is inviting more terrorist attacks. Haven't enough Americans already died under his rule?
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I think the people that voted for Nader knew exactly what they were doing. They were voting their will. Not because they at all feel that Nader will win, but because they feel that there's something wrong with how our two-party system chooses their candidates. It's kind of like the 'none-of-the-above' vote in which you're putting a protest vote, telling the parties that they must put up more viable candidates. When you see someone who has no chance of winning pulling some votes like that, you almost have to see it as a failing of Kerry and the Democrats. They're not reaching out to an important portion of people.
I don't get how he was reelected either. It makes me miss Bill Clinton, who always did such a great job, personal life aside.
But, I don't think that reelecting Bush makes people idiots, or that he alone will completely ruin the country.
I guess we have to accept that America is not ready for change (just look at the votes to ban gay marriage.)And, as scary as it is, democracy worked. It's not like last election when Bush lost the popular vote. Bush straight-up trounced Kerry.
I think it would be very hard for the Supreme Court to reverse Roe V. Wade because just as you said, it would continue, but be a lot less safe.
As for Bush, it's a lot like Reagan. It doesn't seem to matter that his goals for the country are short-sighted and he's a war monger and that he's willing to exploit the poor to benefit the wealthy. In a way, that's what America is all about. That's certainly what capitalism is all about. But, we survived Reagan and we'll survive Bush.