Artemis (ladyofthelake75) wrote,

I hate being sick. There's a duh statement if there ever was one. I barely have a voice, but I'm going in to work today. Not going means I screw someone else. I am not, however, going to the two meetings we have every Tuesday. I am not mean enough to want anyone else to feel like this. And the worst part? I know it's gonna get worse. This isn't even close to how I'm gonna feel in a couple days when the snot actually decides to come out my nose instead of draining down my throat. How disgusting is that? My ears are plugged today, so that's new. The lost voice started last night on the way home. It was fun to try to sing along with the radio. It just made me laugh.

So a big part of the reason I have to go in today is because all my tear sheets are at work and so is the copy editing test that I promised to send back no later than today. So I get to go to work, fix all that stuff, then walk to the post office. I must remember to take my scarf to cover my ears. Oh yeah, I'm gonna look so cute.

My mom actually told me not to go to work today. Maybe I'll not go tomorrow. Then I have four days off to recover. I love how I'm gonna be sick on my vacation. It's great. At least I'll have plenty of time to rest and not feel bad about it. Oh, and I'm pretty happy that this morning I wasn't sitting on the floor of my bathroom trying not to puke for a half hour. That was the early morning before. And while I was sitting there not puking, I had the sweats from hell. This better just be a cold.
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