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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday prepared to raise the nation's debt ceiling by $800 billion, taking the new limit to $8.184 trillion.
The Senate approved the rise, the third in three years, on Wednesday. The House is expected to pass it as well so it can be sent to President Bush for signing into law. The vote is expected to take place on Thursday evening.
"It is a necessary and not unusual step to ensure the government can pay its bills," said Rep. Tom Reynolds, a New York Republican.
The Treasury Department (news - web sites) has been forced to take special accounting measures to avoid piercing the current $7.384 trillion ceiling.
Democrats blame Bush's tax cuts for pushing up government borrowing and turning the fiscal surplus he inherited into a record deficit.

Oh yeah, this is fucking brilliant. Great president. That's what I'm gonna start doing. When I get close to my spending limit on my credit cards, I'm just gonna keep raising the limit and not paying anything off. Brilliant. Except this is our fucking country! There's a limit for a fucking reason!
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This really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. This probably won't effect you at all on a personal level so why complain about it? This country has survived greater catastrophes and it will survive this one as well. The government wouldn't pass something like this if they thought it would fail and damage the country. This could be a positive thing for our country in the long run, you just never can tell. The national debt will get paid off, it's always been paid off in the past. Yes, this debt is a lot larger than those of the past, but our spending methods have also slanted more up-wards so this is to be expected. I wouldn't worry too much about our national debt, that's for the government to worry about and deal with as they see fit.
I'm aware that it probably won't affect me personally. But why complain about it? It's my journal. I'm allowed to complain about whatever I want. You put entirely too much faith in the government, which is full of politicians, who are mostly liars. I was watching Bill O'Reilly yesterday (for God knows what reason), and he was talking about Bill Clinton. It was mostly positive but for one thing. He said Clinton was a liar. Well duh. He's a politician. And what did he lie about? An affair. Wouldn't you if you didn't want your family to find out? So I acknowledge that even the presidents I like are liars.

I have serious doubts that this president will pay off the national debt. He will hand off the debt to the next president who will be expected to do something about it.