Artemis (ladyofthelake75) wrote,

Bored and procrastinating.

First best friend: Lynn Johnson
First car: '76 green Chevy full-size truck with very bad cancer.
First real kiss: Chad No. 3
First break-up: Chad No. 1
First screen name: grammargirl
First self purchased album: It was probably New Kids or something.
First pets: Dog - Sandy.
First piercing/tattoo: piercing - ears. Tattoo, shoulder blade - man in the moon.
First credit card: Express
First true love: Dean
First enemy: Lisa (a former best friend)
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Phil Collins (parents went to the concert)

Last cigarette: in Burton, Mich. Involved lots of alcohol. Stole my mom's cigarette.
Last car ride: last night
Last kiss: Nearly a year ago. I don't wanna think about that anymore.
Last good cry: A few nights ago.
Last library book checked out: Probably something about shipwrecks.
Last movie seen: "The Incredibles" at the theater.
Last beverage drank: Milk.
Last food consumed: Frosted Flakes.
Last phone call: My mom.
Last time showered: Yesterday morning. I'm about to go to the gym, so I'm not gonna shower before!
Last shoes worn: Skechers
Last CD played: Howie Day.
Last item bought: Milk and cereal.
Last time scolded: A couple months ago for spending too much money.
Last shirt worn: Old Navy T-shirt.
Last website visited:
Last word you said: Be-otch. I was talking to the computer I was playing in Dominoes. I won.
Last song you sang: "Collide."

What is in your cd player?: Howie Day, though that's likely to change today.
What color socks are you wearing?: White with grey heels and toes.
What Color of underwear are you wearing?: Black cotton.
What's under your bed?: Books.
What time did you wake up today?: 10:30 a.m.

Where do you want to go?: To the gym.
What is your career going to be? Editor. I love my job, just not here.
Where are you going to live?: Florida.
How many kids do you want?: 2-3
What kind of car(s)?: He wants a huge truck. I'll probably get an Impala (a family car), because it's exactly like my Monte Carlo inside.

Current mood: Blah.
Current music: None.
Current taste: Remnants of Frosted Flakes.
Current hair: Past my shoulders, reddish-brown.
Current clothes: Black T-shirt, black workout pants with red and white stripes on the sides.
Current longing: for Dean.
Current desktop picture: Leo (astrology).
Current book(s): Whatever's on my nightstand. I have no clue.
Current color of toenails: No color. No polish. It's winter!

My name is: Lisa
I may seem: Aloof, but I'm really just shy.
Sometimes I feel: like screaming
In the morning I: get up, eat breakfast, go to the gym.
Money is: very, very bad.
One thing I wish I had is: Dean, here now.
If I had one wish it would be: For the war in Iraq to be over and all the soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen to come home.
Love is: the best feeling I've ever had.
I am afraid of: spiders, what the war is doing to our troops.
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