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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
11:31 pm
When I move to Florida, this part of my life will be over. So will this journal. The people I still talk to will be able to see my new journal. The others ... it was nice knowing you.

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11:24 pm
I'm so fucking tired of the bullshit. I'm not even going to bother to explain.

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Friday, December 31st, 2004
11:42 pm
"I'm Here Without You" 3 Doors Down
"My Immortal" Evanescense

I've only been watching this New Year's show on Fox for about 10 minutes, and those are the two songs I've heard. What the hell?! Talk about depressing! This is suppose to be "Happy New Year!" But then again, I live in Mountain Time Zone, aka the Time Zone from HELL. It's the bastard time zone. Fox is the only channel to acknowledge Mountain for New Year's festivities, at least in El Paso.

I've been drinking moderately priced champagne (sparkling wine) for about two hours now. I am definitely not sober. I'm doing an experiment-ish thing to figure out if I can drink an entire bottle of champagne. So far, so good. I have about two glasses left, I think.

So anyway, Happy New Year to Central and Eastern Time Zones!!!
And of course to everyone else who is not reading this at 11:30 p.m., making them a big loser for being online a half hour before midnight. Oh, and drinking alone. Wow, I sound so sad. But this was my choice, thank you very much. I didn't particularly want to go out and kiss NO ONE at midnight. I'm enjoying watching movies. Though my ass is getting numb ...

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
1:43 pm - Hilarious. And damn right!
Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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1:37 pm
I just donated $20 to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Asia. I've never done something like that before, and it's not much money, but I can only hope it helps. So many children lost. Words can't express the depth of the tragedy.

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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
12:29 pm - Bored and procrastinating.
First best friend: Lynn Johnson
First car: '76 green Chevy full-size truck with very bad cancer.
First real kiss: Chad No. 3
First break-up: Chad No. 1
First screen name: grammargirl
First self purchased album: It was probably New Kids or something.
First pets: Dog - Sandy.
First piercing/tattoo: piercing - ears. Tattoo, shoulder blade - man in the moon.
First credit card: Express
First true love: Dean
First enemy: Lisa (a former best friend)
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Phil Collins (parents went to the concert)

Last cigarette: in Burton, Mich. Involved lots of alcohol. Stole my mom's cigarette.
Last car ride: last night
Last kiss: Nearly a year ago. I don't wanna think about that anymore.
Last good cry: A few nights ago.
Last library book checked out: Probably something about shipwrecks.
Last movie seen: "The Incredibles" at the theater.
Last beverage drank: Milk.
Last food consumed: Frosted Flakes.
Last phone call: My mom.
Last time showered: Yesterday morning. I'm about to go to the gym, so I'm not gonna shower before!
Last shoes worn: Skechers
Last CD played: Howie Day.
Last item bought: Milk and cereal.
Last time scolded: A couple months ago for spending too much money.
Last shirt worn: Old Navy T-shirt.
Last website visited:
Last word you said: Be-otch. I was talking to the computer I was playing in Dominoes. I won.
Last song you sang: "Collide."

What is in your cd player?: Howie Day, though that's likely to change today.
What color socks are you wearing?: White with grey heels and toes.
What Color of underwear are you wearing?: Black cotton.
What's under your bed?: Books.
What time did you wake up today?: 10:30 a.m.

Where do you want to go?: To the gym.
What is your career going to be? Editor. I love my job, just not here.
Where are you going to live?: Florida.
How many kids do you want?: 2-3
What kind of car(s)?: He wants a huge truck. I'll probably get an Impala (a family car), because it's exactly like my Monte Carlo inside.

Current mood: Blah.
Current music: None.
Current taste: Remnants of Frosted Flakes.
Current hair: Past my shoulders, reddish-brown.
Current clothes: Black T-shirt, black workout pants with red and white stripes on the sides.
Current longing: for Dean.
Current desktop picture: Leo (astrology).
Current book(s): Whatever's on my nightstand. I have no clue.
Current color of toenails: No color. No polish. It's winter!

My name is: Lisa
I may seem: Aloof, but I'm really just shy.
Sometimes I feel: like screaming
In the morning I: get up, eat breakfast, go to the gym.
Money is: very, very bad.
One thing I wish I had is: Dean, here now.
If I had one wish it would be: For the war in Iraq to be over and all the soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen to come home.
Love is: the best feeling I've ever had.
I am afraid of: spiders, what the war is doing to our troops.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
5:49 pm
I couldn't take the coughing anymore, so I called my doctor to phone in a prescription. She insisted on seeing me - an expense I couldn't afford and didn't want to spend. But I went anyway. She said I have bronchitis. Now I'm out $59 for the visit (because I never finished paying my deductible for my stupid insurance) and $25 for the antibiotic. She couldn't give me a generic that my insurance would cover??? At least she gave me samples to help my cough. So far, the only thing it's accomplished is making me extremely thirsty.

I don't feel like I have bronchitis. I feel better. Except for the occasional shortness of breath/chest pain. The cough is always better during the day. So rather than complain about the money I don't have, I'll be happy that I went to the doctor and found out I was sicker than I thought. It really did start as a cold. And there was no way I was going to the doctor for a cold. But bronchitis is fixable with antibiotics. So yea!

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
6:17 pm
Howie Day
The dawn is breaking
A light shining thru
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know
I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you'll fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Don't stop here
I've lost my place
I'm close behind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Eventhe wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find that
You and I collide

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Thursday, November 18th, 2004
1:33 pm
Oh my fucking GodCollapse )

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
1:10 pm
I hate being sick. There's a duh statement if there ever was one. I barely have a voice, but I'm going in to work today. Not going means I screw someone else. I am not, however, going to the two meetings we have every Tuesday. I am not mean enough to want anyone else to feel like this. And the worst part? I know it's gonna get worse. This isn't even close to how I'm gonna feel in a couple days when the snot actually decides to come out my nose instead of draining down my throat. How disgusting is that? My ears are plugged today, so that's new. The lost voice started last night on the way home. It was fun to try to sing along with the radio. It just made me laugh.

So a big part of the reason I have to go in today is because all my tear sheets are at work and so is the copy editing test that I promised to send back no later than today. So I get to go to work, fix all that stuff, then walk to the post office. I must remember to take my scarf to cover my ears. Oh yeah, I'm gonna look so cute.

My mom actually told me not to go to work today. Maybe I'll not go tomorrow. Then I have four days off to recover. I love how I'm gonna be sick on my vacation. It's great. At least I'll have plenty of time to rest and not feel bad about it. Oh, and I'm pretty happy that this morning I wasn't sitting on the floor of my bathroom trying not to puke for a half hour. That was the early morning before. And while I was sitting there not puking, I had the sweats from hell. This better just be a cold.

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
11:44 pm
I am not walking around with my phone glued to my hip. Fuck it. Grr!

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11:15 pm
There's snow on the mountains. Sure, it's pretty, but it's freakin' cold outside! I feel like shit, as often happens when the weather changes. I have a hellacious cold. So I called in sick to work. I had to do it today because I absolutely can't call in tomorrow. There's too much work and not enough people. A friend from work called me today to ask for a ride. I told him I wasn't going. He's sick, too. Apparently I shared. But he went to work and I didn't. He said he considered calling in, but he knew there was no one else to do wire. I feel his pain. I hate this place. I hate that when we feel like shit we still have to work because there's no one to cover us. I'm tired of it. When in the hell am I getting out of here.

So yeah, I had to go to Walgreens to get cold supplies:
Robitussin (it was on sale, so I didn't have to buy Waltussin)
Tylenol Cold (day and night in one box)
Chicken soup
Orange juice

Hey, I figured since I'm sick, I can have the stupid cookies.

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Friday, November 12th, 2004
11:15 pm
I don't like my neighbor. Sure, he seemed like a nice guy, but he listens to his music entirely too loud. He doesn't understand how thin the walls are here. I'm a quiet neighbor. I don't like having anything so loud that I can't think. His bass is driving me nuts. It's been going on, off and on, since 8:30 this morning. I think he's one of those people who thinks everyone works days.

I got the test from the big Florida paper today. Extensive is right. It's about 20 pages. It's open book except on the spelling and people portions, then it's the honor system. I looked up "embarrass," but only because it was in a different part of the test first. I didn't use help with a vast majority of the test. There are still a couple math questions I have to do, but the calculator on my phone isn't sophisticated enough to handle numbers past 999,999. I hope I did well. We'll see.

I went shopping today and got my new coat. Just in time. It's around 50 degrees outside right now, and tomorrow that's supposed to be the high. I also got a pair of slippers for home and a pair of pants for work. I was shocked that I liked the pants, and they're not even black. The waist sort of fits me. Better than most of my pants now. Oh, and I bought a cherry vanilla Dr Pepper. It doesn't taste any different from regular Dr Pepper to me. I rented "Pirates of the Caribbean" again, but they only had it on videotape. Unfortunately, I dropped the tape as I was leaving the store, and it's now broken, so I can't watch it. At least I also got part II of the fifth season of "Sex and the City." I don't have to buy those since I'll have seen all the episodes. TV series on collections are too expensive anyway. I would take the movie back, but the wind is crazy outside. I'm perfectly content with waiting till tomorrow.

Oh, and I got a haircut. She cut too much off. It's like she doesn't want me to grow my hair long. She asks me how much longer I'm gonna let it get every time I go in there. I think I need a new stylist. At least I don't go nearly as often as Carly used to (and still might). I swear she got her hair cut at least once a month, if not more. And I asked her how much it would cost to dye my hair. She asked me what color, and I told her a darker brown. She said $60, but that she didn't understand why I would want to dye my hair when it's such a pretty color already. She is the worst salesperson ever. I hate my haircolor. There's still red in it, and I don't want it. I want a chestnut brown. It keeps getting lighter, and sorry, but my skin tone does not go well with light brown. Maybe if I had a tan, but that's out pretty much forever. And fake tans are too much work, and there are too many chances for error. I'm trying to avoid the zebra-stripe look. I'm already the whitest girl in El Paso - might as well be the whitest girl in the entire state of Florida. Maybe I can move there and get them to vote Democratic in four years.

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Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
1:26 am - Great day
I got a phone call today from Florida, and my first thought was, "That can't be Dean, he's not gonna be home until tomorrow." But then I answered, and it was a huge Florida newspaper. They got my resume a while back, and they wanted me to send clips and they're sending me an editing test. The paper is nearly FOUR TIMES the size of this one. It's 14 times bigger than Odessa's, and that's just weekday circulation. I'm so glad they called! It's my first call since I started sending out resumes about three months ago. I hope I at least get an interview. It would be a major step up, even though my title will be a step down. So worth it, though.

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Saturday, November 6th, 2004
11:47 pm - Stupid heat
So I turned on my heat this morning - I was cold. Then it wouldn't turn off. The same thing happened last year just after they lit the pilot light and turned on my heat. But this time they're gonna fix it. Except they can't fix it till Monday or Tuesday. They gave me the option of heat on constantly or no heat at all. It was 78 degrees when I left my apartment today. There's no way I can sleep in that heat. So no heat. It's gonna be pretty warm here for the next few days anyway.

So that's my life today. Boring as hell day at work, but thankfully short. Tomorrow's gonna suck.

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Thursday, November 4th, 2004
1:56 am
And now I am going to bed to write. Anger always helps with writing - guess it must be that emotion thing. I'll break out my laptop, which is really just a glorified word processor. Well, at least I have that.

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1:53 am - Bush rant and rant and rant
Hello, America, we are fucked.

Abortion rights will probably go out the window because Bush will very likely (especially with William Rehnquist having cancer), appoint at least one new Supreme Court Justice who will more than likely be anti-abortion. Banning abortion does not mean women will stop having abortions. It means they will stop having them legally. They will go to Canada or Mexico, or they will have abortions done in back alleys with dirty instruments and get infections and die. Way to kill more innocent people, Mr. Bush.

Deficit. It's already the worst EVER. And it's not going to improve under Bush. Fuck tax cuts. We don't need more tax cuts. Wait, I mean the RICH don't need more tax cuts. I'm not saying we need more taxes, but cutting taxes is not going to make the economy any better.

Draft. We're fucked in Iraq. The Bush administration didn't plan for any kind of exit strategy. We have no way out. And we're running out of troops to send there. So why not reinstate the draft? Only this time it will include women, though likely not to be assigned to combat roles. I'm not saying he'll reinstate it, I'm just saying it's a possibility.

War. Who's to say he's not gonna start another one? Korea is a major threat with a very scary dictator. Iran may be creating nuclear weapons under the premise of nuclear energy. But wait, these are the countries that are actual threats to us. He doesn't start wars when there's a real threat. No, Iraq IS NOT related to the war on terror. Never was any proof, never will be. A majority of the suicide bombers and kidnappers in Iraq are from other countries. Those people ARE al-Qaida, taking advantage of chaos. Bush introduced that brand of terrorism to Iraq by not having any kind of idea what to do once Saddam was out of power. Maybe Bush will pick on Canada next. Who the fuck knows?

I don't know how in the hell he got re-elected anyway. Ohioans lost jobs because of Bush. I don't get it. Are Americans stupid? Look, I voted for Kerry in Texas, even though I knew there was no way he'd win the state. But 36 percent of the vote isn't bad for Bush's home state. And the fucking people who voted for Nader - morons. You do realize you took votes away from Kerry and got Bush re-elected. Way to go. That environment you care so much about - say goodbye to it.

And Osama bin Laden - thanks so much for basically endorsing Kerry. Now we gotta live with Bush for for more years. Isn't it enough that most countries in the world hate America? Bush is making it worse. He's a power-hungry madman. And if he continues to make the U.S. a rogue nation, he is inviting more terrorist attacks. Haven't enough Americans already died under his rule?

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
1:12 am
Anger is the best thing for going to the gym. For the first time since I started working out, my muscles are visibly swollen. And my arms are red around my triceps. I worked my ass off today at the gym. I just pushed myself to do more. My abs are also gonna hurt tomorrow, but it'll be worth it. I ate entirely too much today at work - blame the election and free food. So I'm definitely going back to the gym tomorrow - unless I have to go in to work for an extra edition if they figure out who the president is. Oh boy.

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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
9:04 pm - I love irony ...
The fear of long words: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

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5:33 pm
To Carly, who may or may not be married by now, but who is getting married today:


I would say Mrs. ___, but I don't know Justin's last name for one. And oh yeah, I wouldn't put your last name in here!

So anyway, YEA! for you, and I hope everything went off without any problems.

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